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Why upper cervical?

We believe that the joint between the head and the neck is the single most important joint in the body. A misalignment there creates interference in your nervous system and causes your posture to shift, which has a direct effect throughout your entire body. Symptoms and pain can present elsewhere, but the root cause may be coming from this exact place. Learn more here.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA or (‘new-ka’) stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and is a highly effective chiropractic technique that specializes in the alignment between the head and neck. Find out more here.

How can True Spine help me?

Our technique is gentle, effective and lasting, backed by years of research and state-of-the-art technology. We take x-rays to get a 3D reference of your misalignment, and based on physics and biomechanics, we create a plan to reduce the misalignment to the most ideal position possible. We help your body shift into a position of healing, as it is innately capable of doing. Read more here.

Have you tried a number of medical and alternative approaches without results? NUCCA care may provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

An upper cervical misalignment interferes in the communication between your brain and body, and robs your body of its true health potential. What may not necessarily show up as a symptom now can create inefficiencies in your overall health, which may show up many years later.


Some of the most common conditions we see patients for are headaches, migraines, neck disorders, low back disorders, post-concussion syndrome, facial pain, TMJ, neurological conditions, balance problems such as vertigo and gait. Have a condition not mentioned and want to know if NUCCA care can help you? Give us a call now.


NUCCA has been a leader for over 50 years in advancing research to understand how and why an upper cervical misalignment has significant impact on your health and well-being. To learn more about past and current research, visit

MyMisalignment provides a close-up view of the cervical spine and brainstem as well as an expanded view of how the upper cervical subluxation impacts the entire body. Watch your misalignment come to life with these interactive reports created from your very own misalignment. We will send you multiple reports along your treatment journey to track the progress of your plan and make sure you are on track.


To learn more about NUCCA and how we use MyMisalignment in your treatment plan, click the button below.

Throughout your life, your body has dealt with a number of stressors. Whether it be from childbirth, sports injuries or car accidents, all of these life events provide plenty of possibility for the spine to misalign. The initial phase of care at True Spine is centered around correcting misalignments at the top of the neck, therefore reducing postural compensation and bringing your body into a position of healing. This is the most intensive portion of care as the body has a tendency to pull itself out of alignment due to old muscle memory. Maintaining the correction is crucial in this phase as your body will literally begin to remodel itself in the newly aligned state.

During this phase of care, the body is remodeling and becoming used to the new posture. As this occurs, the corrected position becomes the ‘new muscle memory’. We will introduce specific exercises to help strengthen the upper neck and the entire spine. Our goal here is to solidify the care received during the alignment phase and monitor your progress as your body continues to improve.

A body clear of interference and stress at the top of the spine is a happy body. It can communicate from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain without the stress of a misalignment. At this point in care we are seeing you very infrequently, and only to verify that everything is a-ok. As much as we love having visitors to the office, our real goal is to get you back on the trail or back to playing with your grandkids. Whatever it is that gives you zest for life, that’s where we want you to be.


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