Meet The Doctor

Meet Dr. Hallmayer, Our Expert NUCCA Chiropractor in Bend


is a practitioner of the NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic method. He is the only chiropractor specializing in the NUCCA technique in Bend, Oregon.


Over ten years ago I quit my job in sales to travel the world and reconnect with my passion for helping others in all areas of health and wellness. From my time as a ski instructor in Switzerland and Colorado to my studies of soft tissue bodywork to my hands-on physical therapy work with professional athletes as an exercise specialist, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the human body and an unwavering dedication to helping it meet its true potential.


I believe in the body’s own innate ability to heal and thrive, which is the core of chiropractic philosophy.  But while in school for my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, I was often frustrated by the vast differences in opinion and approaches across different chiropractic methods. After attending my first NUCCA seminar, I was transformed by what I learned about the importance of the upper cervical spine (neck), its top vertebrae (the Atlas), and the results doctors were seeing with patients improving from all sorts of conditions – including vertigo, chronic low back pain, Multiple Sclerosis, and TMJ. It was clear to me that this region is the most important joint complex in the entire body, which has only been further supported with a deeper knowledge and understanding of this complex area. Since then, I have concentrated my studies and focus on NUCCA and the upper cervical spine.


After several visits to Bend, my wife and I decided to plant our roots here to raise our young son (and two dogs and cat). When not in the office, you can find me skiing, hiking with my family through the local trails, and enjoying one of Bend’s many fantastic breweries or restaurants. I hope to meet you soon.


I’ll never forget when a fellow NUCCA chiropractor told me to “major in the majors”. What he meant was focus on the really important areas because that’s where the miracles occur.


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