Reducing the Use of Your Smartphone Can Help Ease Neck Pain

Your body is an intelligent living machine, and often when it's stressed or malfunctioning, it gives you signals to pick up on so, you can pay closer attention. One example of this indication is neck pain, a symptom that often stems from external stress due to bad habits or a severe health condition prompting the need for medical attention. Fortunately for people with chronic neck pain, there is now a wide range of natural neck pain relief in Bend that might be just what you need. Even lessening the use of your smartphone can ease the pain you feel. Who knew?

Nowadays, people of any age can regularly experience neck pain. It can be due to minor physical trauma or severe incidents like:

  • Sports-related injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Neck and head trauma or injuries

Usually, neck pain due to these incidents wears off after a few days, but there are instances where it can cause other health problems in the coming years if not properly checked. Ensure you see a doctor for neck pain relief in Bend, especially if the pain does not go away immediately or feels off in the rest of your body.

Sometimes people opt for medications or over-the-counter drugs to manage neck pain. Others may find massage therapists helpful in easing the pain. If you're not a big fan of taking pain meds regularly or want to reduce your intake, below are some natural care tips to help you beat that annoying neck pain.

Regulate Your Screen Time

Yes, you read that right. Regulating your screen time can mean less neck pain. You are probably one of the many people who regularly spend a big chunk of hours using your phones or sitting in front of computer screens or television screens. Most often than not, being glued to our screens prompts poor posture and leaves you at risk of suffering from tech neck.

We suggest setting up your workstation to match your eye level to work around this situation. When you do this, you will avoid forcing your neck to stay in unnatural and uncomfortable positions for a long time. It will also help to have an ergonomic chair because it can support your back and neck properly.

When using your tablets and smartphones, prop the device on a stand instead of tilting your neck down. This will prevent your neck from being angled downwards for long. Make sure you use them in moderation, especially when you are on the move, to avoid slipping or falling, which can cause unwanted injuries.

Heat or Ice Therapy

What works for some may not work for everyone. Still, a general rule worth remembering is this: use ice or cold packs for pain or injuries that cause inflammation or swelling, and heat or warm compress to relieve stiff, aching muscles, injuries, and chronic pain older than a few days. 

So, suppose you recently had an incident causing neck pain. In that case, you should start with ice for 2-3 days and follow up with heat to heal your body faster.

Stretch Regularly

When you suddenly feel pain or stiffness in your neck, you can benefit from gentle stretching by moving your neck side to side and up and down. If the pain permits, try to raise your shoulders to touch the tip of your earlobes. You can also try doing slow neck rotations to ease your muscle stiffness. Gentle stretching helps loosen the muscles and joints to move your neck normally again. 

We have to remind you not to force anything when gentle neck stretches. You can also do these stretches even without the stiffness and pain. Engaging your neck muscles in soft and healthy movements can make them stronger and less prone to superficial injuries.

Watch Your Sleeping Position

If you suffer from chronic neck pain when waking up in the morning, you might want to check your sleeping position. Those who sleep on their stomachs always turn their heads to one side while asleep. This position puts excessive strain and pressure on your neck. Instead of sleeping on your stomach, switch to your side or back. 

You can also check the best pillow options to support your preferred sleeping poses. Back sleepers will benefit more from thinner pillows with neck support features. For side-sleepers, they can enjoy having taller yet firmer cushions. The key is to let your spine stay neutral as much as possible when sleeping.


Consult With An Upper Cervical Chiropractor 

If you have tried the first four items we mentioned, yet you still get neck pain, it's time to pay a visit to an upper cervical chiropractor. Upper cervical chiropractic is a unique method that focuses on the uppermost vertebrae in the upper cervical spine or neck. This area is responsible for most of the movement of the head and is the most vulnerable to being misaligned. Upper cervical care adjustments require individualized, precise, and very gentle methods. These adjustments hold in place for the longest time possible, giving your body the time to heal appropriately and naturally.


Call True Spine Chiropractic for Neck Pain Relief in Bend

Dr. Kevin Hallmeyer of True Spine Chiropractic specializes in the NUCCA technique to help with neck pain relief in Bend. First, he will assess your situation based on your medical history and thorough physical and imaging tests. Then, he will tell you about the care regimen he will recommend to ensure your neck pain source becomes targeted.

By using only the most precise and gentle methods, your neck pain will be gone in no time and with less chance of recurrence. You can book a free consultation by calling our office directly at 541-240-8820 or submitting your queries via our online form.


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