Most Effective Tactics to Prevent Neck Pain While Driving

October 10, 2021
Most Effective Tactics to Prevent Neck Pain While Driving

Bend is the largest city in Central Oregon. It’s the perfect spot to spend quality time with friends and family. If you’re a person who loves biking, fishing, and camping, then you would absolutely love this place. However, since the city is so large, others would need to drive long miles to arrive at their […]

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September 12, 2021
A Neck Pain Chiropractor in Bend Shares Why Neck Pain is a Migraine Symptom

Migraine usually brings severe headaches and nausea, among other symptoms. For many migraine sufferers, neck pain can accompany the headache or even come before it. But why is this? Below is everything you need to know about the link between neck pain and migraine and how a neck pain chiropractor in Bend can help through […]

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July 11, 2021
Living Vertigo-Free – Is It Possible?

Vertigo episodes are horrible because they can happen out of the blue, even while you’re walking on the street on a lovely afternoon. While it doesn’t pose serious health threats, it can increase your risk of slipping, tripping, or suffering from a severe injury. Surely enough, you want it gone, but you don’t know what […]

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May 31, 2019
How Short Leg Syndrome is Connected to Body Pain

What Is Short Leg Syndrome? The medical condition called “leg length discrepancy” is more commonly known as “short leg syndrome” or SLS. Simply put, it is a condition where one leg is shorter than the other. The most severe cases can have an impact on the person’s gait and posture, leading to pain and other […]

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May 22, 2019
How Chiropractic Care Helps People Get Off Their Opioid Prescriptions

As the opioid epidemic rages on, people with chronic pain are left with a dilemma: how to manage pain at a time when medication is being limited due to increasing problems with addiction and abuse. If you suffer from chronic pain, there is another option in chiropractic care, which can help you get off your […]

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April 26, 2019
What is Spinal Subluxation?

You may have heard doctors and chiropractors take about spinal subluxation, but do you know what it really is? If not, we're going to cover what it is, the different broad categories that chiropractors use to describe it, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments below. Defining Spinal Subluxation When people talk about subluxation, they're talking about […]

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April 10, 2019
Why Your Neck Cracks and Grinds

Neck cracking might be something you experience sitting at your desk every day. You might even bend your neck and rotate it to encourage it to pop and grind. Some people crack their necks in the same way that others crack their knuckles. It’s difficult to determine whether the reason is to relieve pressure or […]

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March 31, 2019
What Causes Lower Back Pain on the Left Side?

If you are experiencing lower left back pain, you may be trying to figure out what’s causing it and how to make it go away. Here’s the lowdown on what can cause that kind of pain, how it’s typically diagnosed, and what your treatment options are, including chiropractic care. If you are experiencing extreme back […]

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March 25, 2019
What Do Muscle Relaxers Do?

It isn’t a surprise when physicians prescribe pain pills for pain associated with some injuries, medical conditions, or diseases. It might surprise you when they prescribe muscle relaxers to take instead of or in combination with pain pills. If your condition causes muscle spasms, these medications can help make you more comfortable. How Muscles Work […]

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February 27, 2019
Get Rid of Tech Neck For Good!

If you have pain or stiffness in your neck and spend a lot of time using mobile devices, it could be that you have what’s called “tech neck,” also sometimes known as “text neck.” Read on to learn what causes tech neck, how you can treat it, and how to avoid it in the first […]

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